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What Are Content Management Websites?
Everything you wanted to know about content management websites and how it makes updating your website so easy with just the click of a button.
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How to Choose A Good Website Domain Name in 2015
Before buying a domain name, this article has important information you need to know about how to choose the right domain name when getting started.
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How to Choose a Web Hosting Company
Every website needs a host. This article gives information and important tips for choosing the right web hosting company for you.
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Web Design Inspiration Series: Michael Locke
Web Design Inspiration: Mike Locke, a UI/UX designer and trainer from California, who posts motivational YouTube videos for aspiring web designers.
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Google has changed its logo in 2015. What else is next?
Google’s logo change and its decision to now have a parent company. Should we be concerned about our personal information as Google evolves?
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