How to Choose a Web Hosting Company

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company

by Ken Haskins |

There are many domain hosting services out there. Some are good. Others, not so much. Not all hosting services are created equally.

Cheap Hosting. Beware of web hosting companies that offer "cheap" hosting. With some hosting companies, cheap doesn't necessarily refer to the money you save. It refers to the kind of business they run. They may experience lots of down time, limited technical support and/or outdated database and web development resources. You should really read the fine print before choosing any hosting service.

Do Research. This is a tough one, because two people can have different opinions about the same product. Because of this, you'll have to carefully read between the lines to see what are the common experiences for the company's current and former customers, especially complaints, usually over the past year. Are the complaints about support, pricing, or user-interface commonplace. ***You should not disregard this process.***

My Recommendation. I've had a few hosting services over the years, and for me, by far, GoDaddy has been my best experience. Their rates are not the cheapest, but they are very affordable. I've never experienced any down time. They've hosted a variety of my websites over the years. Their customer service is impeccable compared to what I've dealt with from other hosting companies, even the hosting companies of some of my clients.

Additional Information. has an article that goes into further details about web hosting.  "Web Hosting Services Explained - The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Website Hosting". It is a very good read.

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